For captain Ellie and crewmembers Jade and Ekisha, going back home after a simple mission is now impossible.
The planet is gone, and there is no way to know what happened. Once they receive a mysterious call from a close by spaceship, two aliens, Ald-Ban and Afr-Kod, tell them they saw the whole thing unfold, and they offer their help. Can they trust them? Will they be safe, seemingly being the last of their people?
DOMUM is a sci-fi graphic novel that follows the crew on their quest to find their missing planet and survive while in the middle of a giant galaxy cult conspiracy that threatens to take it all.


I am Aixa Massoni, a 2D rigger and comic creator from Argentina. However, I am currently based in Ireland.
I work in the animation industry, building characters for animators to work with in different series and big productions.
If I can score some free time, I do my best to keep working on the DOMUM series, trying to keep the crew safe and sound while also setting them on dangerous paths. I hope they love me for it.

Want to see more of my work outside DOMUM?

Please visit my other website, where I have some weird stuff in display, in the hope of getting more jobs lined up:

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